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Erril Laugier

Erril Laugier is a ferryman, a guide.

He invites you to put down the daily load and wander down green paths that bring calm to any walker, to stroll along the Finistère riverbanks that inspire the fly fisher. The combination of his imagination and the natural elements give substance to luminous and shadowed pictures that guide the dreamer towards a lush den that lies "on the edge of three countries and two worlds."

Subjects with unexpected possibilities are rendered delicate and soft, with pastel allowing Erril Laugier to draw the magical atmosphere of inland Brittany: to find the ancient spirits while wandering the Monts d’Arrée hills and the sunken paths of Argoat; to capture the light that allows passage into other worlds. In Armor, contrasts play between a wave clipping atop a green and tormented sea.

The eight hundred colours that make up his palette enable the artist to infinitely vary their nuances.

By becoming a pastel artist in 1979, Erril Laugier has helped to restore a sense of nobility to the pastel. In 1981, he specialised in the representation of woodlands and rivers; a pioneering subject that has since greatly inspired his contemporaries.

Four decades of work and extensive research have made Erril Laugier a recognised specialist, named "Canson® Ambassador" in 2014 and "French Master of Pastel" in 2003.