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Christine Trouillet



"Dear, receiving the Canson pad as a gift always awoke in me the desire to create. All of those white pages attracted me as much as they frightened me because they were so precious to me. Being a Canson ambassador today moves me deeply, and it seems to connect my entire history: using painting to do something simple, to say simple things. Painting that touches the heart, in which we can see an entire life. I have a fascination for places more than I do for people."



Born in 1956 in Lyon, Christine Trouillet participates actively in Contemporary Art classes in Tournon sur Rhône. Accredited by the graphic and fine art technique workshops of Saint Etienne. 

She created and runs the "Bleu de Toi" fine art workshop, in Davezieux, where she teaches oil and palette knife painting.

She draws her inspiration from the intimacy of houses, in these places of passage, where personal traces cross, graze and embrace each other, for the duration of a crossing. Above all, as a painter of intimacy, she leads us to discover in her paintings a balance between all the figurative elements to achieve an obvious harmony where, although there is only the memory of the coexistence of beings, we feel a strong human presence.

These "scenes of life" are populated by souls and imbued with a fascinating mystery. The artist has fixed there moments of eternity in the middle of tables, chairs, armchairs, beds and other humble objects of daily life. The familiar here then takes on a dreamlike dimension, arouses a feeling of voluptuousness, and total freedom for the imagination. Christine Trouillet thus gives everyone the opportunity to project themselves into their own memories, to fill their voids, to embark on a journey full of tenderness, melancholy and romanticism. An artist of contemplation, it is through pure poetry that she approaches the deep sense of life in places where the fictional and reality are one. Softness and intimacy transcend this daily life.

Christine Trouillet has exhibited for many years in renowned galleries in France and Europe.

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