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The 2011 Prix Canson® winner : Ronald Cornelissen

Ronald Cornelissen

Since 1988, Ronald Cornelissen has been producing drawings, sculptures and installations which highlight the individual's relationship with his/her immediate surroundings and the resulting frictions. He speaks of his favourite theme in a few words: "The city, with its architecture that can sometimes be intimidating and impersonal, as well as the increasing invasion of our private space, is a major theme in my work".

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Ronald Cornelissen as seen by Gérard Garouste

« I’m always very touched when I see an artist today using materials as simple as paper and pencil, just like a child in nursery school. Nowadays, we are so used to seeing one-upmanship in the use of original processes that the simple fact of using ink and watercolours seems like a true challenge. Ronald Cornelissen is one of those artists who plays with simple elements to draft a personal subject, with perspectives and figurative motifs. He sets up improbable scenes that induce a feeling of unease. The vanishing points lead us to something vague, to a story where everything slips away just when we try to grasp its meaning.
For me, the point of this prize is not to nominate the best of the artists presented, but rather to acknowledge an artist with a promising future. »


With the 2011 Prix Canson® , the artist has received an endowment of Canson® papers and has been the focus of media coverage the day after the ceremony. He has been also be able to take part in two great contemporary art shows  : Slick Paris 2011 & Slick Brussels 2012.

Slick Brussels 2012, Ronald Cornelissen


Ronald Cornelissen Interview 

Interview by Marlise van der Jagt.​


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