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As spring turns to summer enter into the spirit of adventure and get creative with Canson®'s travel journals.

17 May 2017

Canson® has developed a range of basic, practical journals that are perfect for a traveller's backpack. They are available now from specialist stockists.

Canson® travel journals  have been specifically designed for using watercolours on the go.  They are ideal for travelling artists' luggage. 


The Canson® Heritage watercolour travel journal

This is a 300gsm fine grain spiral bound sketchbook using 15 sheets of the new L'Aquarelle Canson® Héritage traditionally made, curved 100% cotton paper. It has a unique feel and pleasing texture. The innovative design produces uniform ink wash painting, vivid colours and an incredibly sharp finish. The travel journal is 15 x 26cm and is laid out in landscape format. It is perfect for anybody wanting the best in watercolour paper.



Canson® Montval® travel journals

These are 2 spiral bound sketchbooks made with 15 sheets of the famous 300gsm papier aquarelle Canson® Montval® . They have polypropylene covers with illustrations by Spanish artist Conrad Roset, and a rigid cardboard backing so they can easily be propped on a lap, which is a key requirement for the nomadic artist.
They are 15 x 25cm and 20 x 21cm and have an elastic strap which makes them easy to carry.


Available in Europe only