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Re-discover Mi-Teintes, one of the most iconic Canson® papers with two new videos.

19 July 2016

Canson® Mi-Teintes is one of the most iconic and timeless paper out of the Canson® range.

Today you can discover or re-discover it with this two new videos showcasing our fantastic Ambassador artist Les DARLOW. 

Learn about Canson® Mi-Teintes features and benefits with this product presentation video where Les is explaining you all you need to know about this iconic paper. Click on "Watch video" just bellow the Canson Mi-Teintes pictures.

And don’t miss out on the next video: step by step landscape pastel demonstration on Canson Mi-Teintes "A Winter Sky" by Les Darlow.


Canson® would like to special thanks artist Les Darlow for his help and invite to click her to check out his profile and gallery.