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New Print Making paper : Canson® Barbizon

27 May 2016

Barbizon for Print Making is the new paper developed by Canson® which lets you freely and creatively indulge in each and every Print Making technique, from the traditional to the most contemporary!

From lithography to engraving on wood or linoleum…and all the way to modern stenciling techniques, Barbizon for Print Making is chock full of features! Now everyone can try their hand at traditional Print Making, and also mix up the variety of techniques: a bit of lithography here, a few stencils there, a pretty pencil stroke (or marker), and even a few stamps, and you’re ready to go to press! Because it is Canson® paper, Barbizon for Print Making does not contain any acids or optical brighteners which might damage the work over time by altering its colours. In 250 gsm, this sturdy paper features 2 surfaces, one silky (nearly smooth) side, and one slightly grainy one. Available in 50 x 70 and 70 x 100 cm formats, it is ultra-economical.


See the Canson® Barbizon product information sheet.

Canson Barbizon