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Let's celebrate Mothers' Day!

2 May 2018

Calling all family members! Look away, Mum, we're working on a surprise for you... If you'd like to make a gift to mark Mothers' Day Find inspiration here!

In lots of countries all over the world, May is synonymous with Mothers' Day. It's May 6th in Spain, May 13th in United States, Italy and Belgium, May 26th in Poland and May 27th in France. And these are just some of the dates Mothers' Day happens around the world.


To help you out with this unmissable family day, here is a little crafts activity that you can do with your children or grandchildren.​


This is a lovely step by step guide to creating a pop-up card that mums around the world will love.

All you need is glue, scissors and, of course, Canson® paper! Then all you need to do is follow the instructions: 

How to make a Mothers' Day card tutorial.

In Canson Studio, you'll also find all sorts of creative activities to do with your children

As well as a wide range of tutorials which will be great for Mothers' Day, you will also find guides to help you learn how to draw or information sheets such as "how to paint like a famous artist". You can find these by clicking on "Article type" in the left hand column of the Canson Studio.


Now it's over you!


Canson® wishes Mums everywhere a wonderful Mothers' Day​