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Inktober on the theme of the hot air balloon with Atelier des Petites Écuries

15 October 2019

We prepared a special Inktober along with Atelier des Petites Écuries

For this unmissable event, we changed the rules a little so we could highlight the symbol of our brand that we love so much: the hot air balloon.

The French name for a hot air balloon is 'Montgolfière', this is the surname of the inventors of this flying machine, the Montgolfier brothers. 
In fact, they were also at the origins of our brand in 1557 (the 1st hot air balloon was made of paper wasn't it?). 
Innovation has been part of our DNA from the beginning!

If you want to take part in this challenge too, post your hot air balloon drawings on Instagram #Cansonhotairballoon, we'll repost some as part of our story!



A few words about Atelier Des Petites Écuries

Atelier Des Petites Écuries offers small, friendly group classes on drawing techniques.
During the class you'll learn a variety of techniques: pencil, charcoal, Indian ink, pastels, watercolour and more

This way to find out more:

75010 PARIS
Telephone: 01 47 70 70 47