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Canson® The Wall : a paper wall of impenetrable resistance

9 September 2016

Brand new and completely opaque, The Wall is a new kind of paper for graffiti artists, illustrators and designers.

A revolutionary product, it enjoys all the advantages of a real wall and is resistant to alcohol-based markers and spray cans.

Thanks to a unique manufacturing process, ink does not bleed, even when used repeatedly. Rigid, extra white, without optical brighteners, it allows users to create large solid tint areas and to enhance the contrast of colours.

Smooth and flexible despite its significant weight (220gsm), it offers excellent results even when used on both sides, to avoid wastage.

The Wall albums are recognisable for their black and gold cover: available in A4+ and A3+ formats, the sheets - once detached via their micro-perforations - are A4 and A3 sized.
The Wall also exists in sheet format (50x70 cm, 70x100 cm) and in roll format (1x5m).

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