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Canson® The Wall tested and approved!

18 May 2018

A little while ago we asked a few artists to try out our new Canson® The Wall paper.

Here is what they created: incredible pictures each one as captivating as the next!

We'd like to say thank you very much.

If you want to know more about these artists and their work simply click on their name below. 

From left to right, top to bottom:
@elliotfernandez_art, @stephanelopes, @misterpee01, @honeydarko, @sophieb_bd, @oodserriere, @tarwane, @artsyea, @didypanpie, @maximebolis, @ici_dessine_comme_tu_es, @frak_one, @ademainbenjamin, @rose.poudree, @jbmus.


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Now it's over you!


A few words about Canson® The Wall :

Canson® the Wall paper is a great choice for sketch artists who want to explore working with markers and spray paint. Designed for "Urban Art" style pictures, it's also great for mixed media.

Combining the qualities of a Bristol board with an anti-solvent barrier, Canson® the Wall has great ink absorption properties to prevent bleeding. This means that the paper drinks in the ink and dries quickly whilst retaining its shape.
Canson® the Wall paper always hold firm.