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Canson® Infinity E-Academy New Webinar

9 March 2017

An appointment not to be missed on 22/03/2017 at 16:00 GMT. Save the date on your calendar!

Join Canson® Infinity ambassador Robert Rodriguez Jr as he explains and shows how you to harness the power of the Lightroom 6 Print module to create fine art prints. He'll cover the basics of soft proofing, print layouts, templates, resolution, and all the optimum settings that can help you make great prints in Lightroom 6.

Robert will demonstrate his printing workflow and basic tips to improve your use of Lightroom. There will also be a Q+A period where your questions about paper, printing, and digital workflow can be discussed. Most if not all of the material also applies to all previous versions of Lightroom.


About Canson® Infinity E-Academy :

The Canson® Infinity E-Academy is an e-learning tool with several practical videos and live webinars by professional photographers: Lightroom, ICC profiles, monitor calibration, color management, aesthetics of a good print, permanence and longevity, choosing a Canson® Infinity paper, choosing a printer, and much more.