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Canson dressing up the Petit Palais from June 4, 2013

9 June 2013

For the first time, the Petit Palais is adorning the 20 columns of the building’s façade with the scintillating colours of Canson® papers. Produced for the Prix Canson® exhibition running from June 5th to 16th, this outdoor expression of art is clearly visible from the street and is sure to keep all eyes on this magnificent historical building throughout the summer.

A shared commitment
The Petit Palais and the Fonds Canson® pour l’Art et le Papier have set out to use this work of art to create the event around the building’s frontage and create an opening to the public at large.

A timeless commitment
“We wanted to create a stage for our paper to coincide with the awarding of our Prix Canson® at the Petit Palais. This artistic project unites paper with the past, present and even the future by highlighting the timelessness and youthfulness of an age-old material, and its capacity to adapt to all forms of creation. Especially when it comes to revitalizing an historical monument with colour. Paper can tell any number of stories and is an artistic mouthpiece in so many ways. Through its simplicity, our project is a fine demonstration of this…” explained Stéphane Hamelin, the chairman of Fonds Canson® pour l’Art et le Papier.

A poetic commitment
This installation is testimony to dialogue between paper and monument. Stone and paper appear to be so distant from each other: one is mineral, the other vegetable, one so cold, the other so warm, one so hard, the other so fragile. Their closeness emerges through a common language, beyond these contrasts. The language of memory, time, conversation and the durability of what each one contains, protects and holds inside. When wrapped in coloured paper, the stone of the monument suddenly becomes closer, sensual and alive, creating an incongruous difference. It is contemporary, simple, uncomplicated and ephemeral.



… An Invitation like a bond with the works of the 39 artists selected for the Prix Canson® 2013, who will be exhibiting at the Petit Palais between the 5th and the 16th of June.

Behind the achievement of this frontage, seen as never before, a few figures: 500 m2 of Vivaldi®-Iris® 185g/m2 paper and 500 m2 of canvas.

Conception: Ailleurs Exactement, Jean-Pierre Chebassier.


Production and mounting: Guillaume Benard-Tertrais, Marin Beaux Arts and Lemos.