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21 February 2014

The Fonds Canson® pour l'Art et le Papier* presents Virginia Chihota, the 2013 laureate of the Prix Canson®**, at the international contemporary art fair ARCOmadrid from February 19th to 23rd 2014.

Virginia Chihota is the 2013 winner of the Prix Canson®. She has in particular won a personal exhibition in an international contemporary art fair.which will be organised by the Fonds Canson® pour l’Art et le Papier in the ARCOmadrid fair in February 2014. It will be her first personal European show.

Virginia Chihota was born in Zimbabwe and recently moved to Libya. The cultural confrontation she has experienced has generated a view of women in a society very different to her own. The simplicity and power of the forms and the energy in her work take the eyes and the mind on a journey, a consideration of the human condition. The tension is discernable. Questions grab the mind and lead gradually to a new exploration of relationships between men and women. The impact of social, cultural and religious ruptures can be seen in the new series of large drawings that she has just produced at the beginning of 2014.

Virginia Chihota as seen by Yan Pei-Ming, French artist of Chinese descent and president of the Prix Canson® in 2013 and 2014 :
«When I found myself looking at Virginia’s work, just like the rest of the jury members, I was struck by the simplicity and power of it. We had a doubt in relation to her age, because it’s always difficult to award a prize to an artist in the making. The idea of giving encouragement is not enough to justify awarding a prize. It is more demanding than that. Virginia had to go back to work on a series of new drawings very much inspired by her life in Libya in order to confirm that she really had the potential for deep commitment, a desire to set free in her work the energy that comes from questioning life. It was from this emotion that she found a way to create and her determination confirmed that she was our choice for the award.»

ARCOmadrid :
19th – 23rd February 2014 - Professionals: Wednesday 19, from noon to 9 pm & Thursday 20 , from noon to 8 pm.
General public: Friday 21, Saturday 22 & Sunday 23, from noon to 8 pm.
*Foundation Canson® for Art and Paper
**Canson® Prize