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Sylvia Baldeva

Sylvia Baldeva is a multi-disciplinary artist.

Born in Bulgaria, she followed in the footsteps of her father, a well-known painter, and entered into the world of art. Her work would retain an indelible mark.

Baldeva prepared for entrance into the Sofia Fine Arts Academy and, after arriving in Paris, she finished her studies by obtaining a degree in Visual Arts and diplomas in Graphic and Fashion Design. She then went on to work for advertising agencies and clothing and accessory labels.

After several years she was already working as both an illustrator and visual artist with advertising agencies, publishing houses, photographers and companies.

In parallel, Sylvia Baldeva experiments in her own poetic, introspective and timeless creative processes. Through what she calls 'flow,' she reveals a form of pictorial release, where perception and emotion are sources of expression of the states of being. Her work is intuitive and spontaneous. She prefers water-based techniques on paper, which allow her to travel between control and freedom.

She regularly displays her work in both individual and group exhibitions.