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Serge Diméo



"With control over the elements and an element of chance over the events. Life's chance, water's chance.
In my paintings I don't look to arouse emotions but prefer to aim for an uncluttered, airy style.
A peaceful, light, bright and clear atmosphere must first be found, bringing with it balance. The artist's personality should by communicated by the work, without influencing the observer, who can then be taken by their own emotions...

Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.
Beyond the complexity of the subject, it is this "ultimate sophistication" that I aim for. Purging the lines, purifying the colours, this is my quest.
This cleansing is not a technique but an intellectual approach. It results in the most elaborated form of simplicity.
When I start a piece of work, I detach myself from any feelings in order to find serenity. This inner peace must lead me to the fundamental."

Serge Diméo.