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Robert Rodriguez Jr

"As a landscape photographer, I'm always looking to translate what I see and feel about a location or moment into a finished print that can be shared with others. For me the paper is a crucial component, and I choose them very carefully mindful of how they either emphasize or complement what I've tried to convey in my image.
Canson's line of papers provide a wide palette to choose from, and I've experimented with everything from their highly textured matte papers to state of the art baryta Papers which I love for my black and white prints."


Robert Rodriguez Jr is a landscape photographer, teacher, and author focused on conveying the beauty and presence he experiences in nature. Robert graduated from the Berklee College of Music and was a music producer for 15 years before transitioning to photography where he continues to explore qualities of composition, rhythm, beauty and drama in his work.
Robert’s photography has been widely exhibited and his images have appeared in many publications, including the New York Times. His work is featured extensively by Scenic Hudson, a non-profit organization dedicated to conservation in the Hudson Valley region of the US.
A respected educator, Robert writes about all aspects of photography and offers photography workshops and seminars, printing workshops, and on-line training courses.
He has written three books:
- Insights Into the Art & Craft of Landscape Photography,
- Digital Fine Art Printing Field Guide,
- Insights From the Creative Path
All are available from his website.

All images are copyright © Robert Rodriguez Jr