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Corinne Poplimont

"As in nature where colors, lights, volumes vibrate, watercolor is for me an extension of the emotion, of the experience of what surrounds me.
I like to play with pigments, see them evolve on the path of the moisture content of the paper, like a river in the nature.
The drawing, the watercolors, are the extension of the emotions experienced allowing me to preserve the encounters, flavors, and landscapes in order to share them.
To play with the drawing or the watercolor, is to play with a balance of the technique and the emotion. It is a dialogue between the artist, her format and her medium. Each has its moment of expression listening to the other without ever being in opposition; for a story where the end is never a certainty.
I love in my watercolors to show "the gentleness in this brutish world"."

Corinne Poplimont received a degree in visual expression in 1985 from the "Duperré" School of Applied Arts .