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Bernard Neulat

Since the nineties, the painter Bernard Neulat has dedicated most of his free time to various forms of drawing and painting. Techniques such as oilpainting, watercolour inks, fast watercolour and drawing are his favourite means of expression.


His artistic approach is based on a simplification of forms that sometimes borders on abstraction. The colour compositions, very bright and warm, bring the modern touch that is needed in his vision of contemporary painting. His painting has seduced many art lovers, as well as some gallery owners, who appreciate his pictorial style that looks towards the future.


For Neulat, exchanging and sharing are also key values. He does not hesitate when the occasion arises to demonstrate his painting techniques in fine art shops. In line with such practices and to highlight the quality and diversity of paper mediums, in 2014 he became a "Canson® Ambassador."