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Ana Lima-Netto

Ana Lima-Netto was born in Lisbon in 1960.Ana Lima-Netto

She graduated in architecture at Lisbon’s Fine Arts School in 1985.

Divided by her profession, while architect, and her fascination for painting, as an artist, she has devoted herself exclusively to the latter since 1994, performing more than fifty solo and group exhibitions, slightly throughout the world.

Since 2014, she also teaches a class of "Experimental Painting" at the National Society of Fine Arts (SNBA), Lisbon.


In the late nineties, under the influence of her friend painter Fernando Calhau she changed her composition witch turned abstract. In his words,”... at a time when image becomes increasingly vulgar, the practice of Ana Lima-Netto is likely to contribute to a renewal of conceptual and formal models of the Portuguese creation.”

In her quest for silence, without figuration, dramas or anguish, the current works reveal an appetite for "scratching" and the use of a variety of materials.


Experimentalist by nature, apart from developing and exploring new techniques for drawing on paper and "Profilm" Canson, she is currently exploring with uncommon materials in unusual ways in order to reprocess and recreate new objects, making people more aware of tangible things they can communicate with and exploring how light and shininess interacts with the spectators in a sense of communication between the viewers and herself.

In the words of curator Luisa Santos, "Ana Lima-Netto has a very interesting work, with a very personal language, formally very refined and conceptually full of layers. I think it’s especially interesting the issues about the «perspective of things» and its sound or absence, because it raises conceptual issues very rich and that can generate social parallels."