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The Fine Art range




A technique known to the Egyptians as early as the 2nd century BC and used ever since.
The main characteristics of watercolour are transparency and luminosity: the work consists of successive layers of semi-transparent colours. The choice of the paper is  paramount as watercolours are worked with a lot of water and the paper must be able to absorb it without losing its shape and without colour bleeding.
The whiteness of the paper also plays an important role either by showing through a light colour, or by acting as a white reserve since there is no white paint in watercolours.
Canson® offers a wide range of watercolour papers in sheets, pads and albums, 100% cotton or cellulose with a common characteristic: great stability when wet and excellent resistance to repeat washing (capacity of the paper to be washed with a paintbrush for correction)..

Oil & Acrylic

Oil won acclaim in the 15th century. As for acrylic, it first appeared in the 1950s. The two techniques – sometimes called wet techniques – have a few things in common. They allow opacity and impasto. Also, both techniques require high grammage papers.
Canson® offers resistant papers designed for those techniques. As it is nomad, economical and easy to resize and glue onto a canvas, paper is an interesting alternative to stretched canvas.


The basic discipline of drawing covers numerous techniques – pencil, charcoal, pastel, red chalk, etc. – and an endless variety of practices. Often used for studies, drawing is a technique in its own right, used by the greatest artists.
The range of Canson® drawing papers covers all of those techniques and requirements:
- White drawing
- Colour drawing
- Pastel.

Graphic Arts

Graphic arts extend the notion of fine art to comic strips, design, illustration and graphic design.
The Canson® Graphic Arts range comprises such staples as tracing paper, layout paper, Bristol, technical wash and Carton Plume®.

Artwork Framing and Printing

For an artist, setting off an artwork or reproducing it are crucial stages.
Canson® offers all the products required to display works of art to best advantage: high-quality mounting boards used by the world's greatest museums for their conservation quality, backing boards, and art printing papers.

Photography and Digital Art Printing

Canson® has kept its spirit of innovation and combines centuries of papermaking experience with leading edge technologies to offer digital printing materials to artists. The Canson® Infinity range offers papers to print limited editions of artworks or photos.


The world's greatest museums and libraries use conservation products from the Canson® range: papers, boards, boxes, packs.