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The 2014 Prix Canson® winner : Simon Evans


Simon Evans, the 2014 Winner, in a few words

Simon Evans is born in 1972 in London, UK. He lives and works in New York.

An atypical figure in the world of contemporary art, the English artist Simon Evans was a skater before he began writing stories and songs. His drawings, graphs, charts, diagrams and plans, classifications and inventories are all graphic elements of concrete poetry and « psychography » or automatic writing. He explores a kind of emotional mapping between introspection and projection, ranging from the graphically illustrated aesthetic of early 20th century educational posters to the digital mapping of the 21st century.

« I try to integrate the outside world with my inner vision. »

Visit Simon Evans' s gallery​



Canson® has sponsored the first personal exhibition in France of Simon Evans, winner of the Prix Canson 2014.​

Read more information about  Simon Evans' s exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo.​


Yan Pei Ming, President of the jury of the 2014 Prix Canson®, on Simon Evans : 

"The 2014 Prix Canson® was awarded to Simon Evans who, with his wife Sarah Lannan, forms a rare and endearing team. With this choice, the jury, composed of strong personalities, wishes to pay tribute to this artist who comes from British underground cultures and creates visual works filled with poetry, where paper turns into sculpture, collage or recycling."