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Canson® Fine art Folders ranges

Canson® “C” à grain® Folder

The Canson® "C" à grain® folder contains 8 sheets.

Canson® "C" à grain® paper is ideal for drawing thanks to its fine grain, that is neither too smooth nor too prominent, allowing both effects of relief and a delicately balanced result.

Manufactured using only alpha cellulose, it contains absolutely no lignin which might result in yellowing of the paper over time. This naturally white paper, with no optical brightness additives, acid-free and permanent, meets all the requirements of the ISO 9706 standard.

It is stock and surface-sized, enabling it to withstand repeated erasing or scraping without flaking. An all-round paper it is suitable for all dry techniques and certain wet techniques such as ink and gouache.

Both handy to carry and fun to use, it allows to carefully preserve his works.

Weight or thickness

220 gsm

Colours and textures

Light grain

Recommended techniques

Ideal for: pencil, pastel and charcoal
Also suitable for: watercolour, gouache, ink, pen and marker


Folder : 24 x 32 & A3 (29,7 x 42 cm)

See the other available formats for: Canson® “C” à grain® paper

Standard & Longevity guarantee

Complies with ISO Standard 9706, acid-free and without optical brightness additives.