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John Miskelly

"As a professional landscape photographer who produces large fine art prints, my choice of inkjet paper is very important to me, to ensure my customers receive a product I can be proud of. Tonal range, colour fidelity, the handling of detail and the paper's appearance are all critical factors.
Having tested all of the major inkjet papers on the market, there was one obvious choice for me. That was Canson® Baryta Photographique. An excellent paper that satisfies all my requirements and my customers have been absolutely delighted with the results​".


John Miskelly has established himself as one of the top landscape and travel photographers working in the UK and Ireland today. A multi award-winning fine art photographer with over 20 years’ experience, he specialises in stunning landscape and travel photography, from Ireland, Scotland and beyond as well as intimate animal portraits.

His style, which is instantly recognisable through the visual drama and artistry of his photographs, is born of a keen eye for the many moods of the landscape and a life-long passion for the natural world.

He has a rare talent for capturing images of amazing light, composition and atmosphere, which give his images a sense of the majesty of the natural world in which we live. His compositional style has become increasingly simplistic as he seeks to show the emotion he feel when photographing the wild and rugged landscapes of the British Isles. John will think nothing of spending many days braving the elements just to get the right combination of light and "feel" that creates those stunning landscape and animal portraits you can see here..


He also runs a series of practical workshops, which are incredibly popular, as he loves to pass on his knowledge and experience to those with a desire to learn how to use composition and light to create stunning images.


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