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Felicia Simion

"I am a 22-year-old photographer, oddball of the family, art lover since I was a weeping little girl.
I discovered photography at the age of 13, while doing Maths and Chemistry homework.
Back then I had no idea what growing up meant – I thought it had to do with greater freedom, like the freedom to make your own breakfast, wear lipstick, or walk on high heels.
When I was 5 or 6, my parents would ask me to take their pictures during our trips. I remember being fascinated by that cheap plastic film camera, with all the chromatic aberrations and grainy surfaces. Like Neil Armstrong left his foot mark on the moon, I would leave my finger mark on the corner of the image.
A little later I discovered that immortality can happen to humans, too. By then, I had read about jellyfish that never die. But how could jellyfish live forever and humans not?
I was never able to stick to one genre of photography. The world is too vast to fit into a landscape or a portrait. It needs to be painted with so much light that it would lead the sun towards eternal blindness."


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